Drink wine, think wine, talk wine … 

Welcome to Wine & Philosophy!

Our wines are original, authentic and unique, wines that reflect the soil and climate of their origin, speak of their history and of the passion of their makers. Wines to drink with friends and family, not big brand names to ‘collect’.

We focus on lesser known appellations and varieties from Europe, but occasionally we will also propose top wines from the great traditional wine regions of the Old and New World. All wines can be ordered through our  online shop or our Wine Plan  and we are available any time to provide advice and recommendations.

Wine is a source of pleasure, but also invites thought and reflection: to bring philosophy into wine and wine into philosophy, we want to create forums for wine appreciation and understanding, and will regularly host tutored tastings, wine dinners and educational programs. We will also hold tailored corporate or private events dedicated to the world of wine and its many different aspects.

We will keep you posted through our Newsletter (you can register by filling in the form below) and our blog. You can also follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.

Vineyards in the Corbières, Languedoc (France)