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The global wine production in 2017

As reported by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) worldwide wine production has reached historic lows in 2017, due to severe frosts and heatwaves as have not seen since late 50s and early 60s. In the OIV’s estimate, overall production is down by 8% vs 2016 with 246.7m hectoliters and most wine-producing countries see major reductions in output.

Italy has been hit hardest with the smallest harvest recorded in 60 years, caused by frosts in spring and then an unusually hot weather period in summer: production is estimated at  39.3m hectoliters, a very significant fall of 23% compared to the year before.

France is not faring much better with 19% decrease to 36.7m hectoliters, following one of the smallest harvests since the Second World War, nor is Spain, with a 15% fall to 33m hectoliters.

While wine quantity produced in the US is predicted to be on par with 2016, South America had to bear the effects of El Niño, which caused output to fall significantly.


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