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In the last months we have been busy building a portfolio of products and have spent several weeks in Europe visiting wineries, tasting wines and speaking to producers. We have carefully selected wines offering immediate drinking pleasure but also expressing their individual character and provenance. All are made by committed, small artisanal wineries respectful of tradition while not afraid of innovation, cultivating their vineyards with a strong concern for environmental sustainability and making their wines with a constant focus on quality and authenticity.

These wines are imported directly from their producers and they are now available for purchase and delivery in Singapore. You can find them together with tasting notes and additional information on our website:

We hope our wines will be an invitation to a journey of discovery and enjoyment.


Andreas Balemi

Wine & Philosophy

Every day is a celebration: sparkling wines

We are proposing two typologies of sparkling wine. One is Italian Prosecco: always fruity and refreshing, it can also show real character and distinction, as demonstrated by two outstanding examples from the house of Trevisiol. The first a classical, elegant Valdobbiadene Superiore, the second a more complex and terroirdriven single cru bottling from the Rive di Collalto site:

  • Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry DOCG S$38
  • Rive di Collalto Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG S$45

The other is a French sparkling wine by Dirler-Cadé, a producer from Alsace also renowned for his still white wines (see further down):

  • Crémant d'Alsace Brut Nature 2014 S$46

It is made according to the so-called traditional method: as in Champagne, the second fermentation to build effervescence takes place in the bottle, and no extra sugar is added.

This is just a start: we will add more sparkling wines to our list soon, from Champagne as well as from less known parts of the wine world!

Distilled sunshine and fresh minerality: our white wines

We have been able to source some really interesting white wines.

To continue with Dirler-Cadé, their wines show us the tremendous power of the Alsace terroirs with a dry and mineral …

  • Riesling, Alsace 2016 S$43

… and two extraordinary bottlings from different vintages, complex and multidimensional:

  • Muscat Grand Cru Saering, Alsace 2009 S$51
  • Muscat Grand Cru Saering, Alsace 2015 S$61

Moving to the south of France, a sunny Côtes-du-Rhône from an outstanding estate in Châteauneuf-du-Pape is full of generous Mediterranean richness, yet is still refreshing:

  • Duseigneur, Côtes-du-Rhône 'Goutte du Seigneur' Blanc 2016 S$39

Many of Italy’s best whites come from the cool, high-altitude region of Alto Adige in the country’s northeast: Hartmann Donà defines brilliantly the crystalline quality of these mountain wines. We propose two crisp varietal expressions

  • Alto Adige DOC Sauvignon 2017 S$46
  • Alto Adige DOC Chardonnay 2017 S$46

… as well as a blend of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay, a complex wine of Burgundian intensity:

  • Donà Blanc IGT Mitterberg Bianco 2011 S$58

There are quite a few surprises in our small selection of white wines from Spain, a country better known for its reds, but also a source of many exciting innovations and experimentations.

The emerging Rueda region is typified by two Verdejo and Viura blends from the Vidal Soblechero winery, with intriguing herbal and almond notes:

  • Viña Clavidor Cepas Viejas, Rueda 2017 S$35
  • SEKKA, Rueda 2014 S$45

The young wine-making team of Narupa brings us wines expressing the unique varietal character of the Albariño grape grown in the Rías Baixas appellation:

  • Alalá, Rías Baixas 2014 S$44
  • Finca Outeiral, Rías Baixas 2014 S$61

Finally, a fragrant, seductive Malvasia made by the South African winemaker Bryan MacRobert at his winery in Rioja:

  • MacRoberts & Canals, Laventura Malvasía, Rioja 2016 S$48

Combining tradition innovation, terroir and individuality: Wine &Philosophy’s red wines

The same MacRoberts & Canals brings us two interesting, bright-fruited Rioja reds:

  • Lanave, Rioja 2015 S$43
  • Laventura Tempranillo, Rioja 2016 S$49

We cover the key Spanish red wine appellation of Ribera del Duero with three Tempranillos from the small but up-and-coming winery Gallego Zapatero, their juicy and polished flagship wine

  • Yotuel Roble, Ribera del Duero 2015 S$43

… followed by a more concentrated expression, and finally by their most elegant single-vineyard bottling:

  • Yotuel Selección, Ribera del Duero 2014 S$51
  • Yotuel Finca Valdepalacios, Ribera del Duero 2010 S$77

The artisanal winery of Balaguer i Cabré represents the southern Priorat region with intense yet balanced and elegant Garnacha-based wines,

  • Ruella DOQ Priorat 2015 S$51
  • Lluna Viella DOQ Priorat 2014 S$59

Finally, to complete our Spanish selection, a fine, sensitive Tempranillo from the predominantly white wine region of Rueda:

  • Vidal Soblechero, Tinta Fina -C-, IGP Castilla y León 2014 S$38

All of these wines combine great originality with immediate drinking pleasure.

There are hundreds of native grape varieties in Italy, and one of the most fascinating is the Sicilian Nerello Mascalese, grown on the slopes of Mount Etna and combining light colour with intense fragrances and flavors. We have secured two outstanding bottlings: the Nero di Sei, from partially pre-phylloxera vines, is one of Etna’s top wines.

  • Palmento Costanzo, Mofete Rosso, Etna Sicily 2015 S$52
  • Palmento Costanzo, Nero di Sei, Etna Sicily 2015 S$70

Moving to the northern end of the Italian peninsula, we present two wines from the Veneto showing the versatility and enterprise of this region, a highly drinkable Amarone balancing density of flavour with bright freshness,

  • Novaia, Corte Vaona Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2012 S$85

… and a sophisticated, complex red from international (Bordeaux) varieties made by scholar and winemaker

Marco Sambin, the

  • Alter Rosso IGT delle Venezie 2014 S$54

To conclude our first wine list, a glimpse into the southern Rhône valley, with glowing Mediterranean wines based on Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, from small but highly reputed producers interpreting in their own individual way the traditions and terroirs of this fantastic wine region. Duseigneur's signature wine is present with the excellent 2016 vintage:

  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape 'Catarina', Rhône 2016 S$74

This estate also ventures into the Lirac area (facing Châteauneuf on the opposite side of the Rhône river), with two intense, spicy and complementary Grenache and Syrah wines:

  • 'Antares', Rhône 2014 S$52
  • 'L’Astrolabe', Rhône 2015 S$55

Winemaker and consultant Serge Mouriesse is establishing a strong reputation for concentrated, profound Châteauneuf-du-Pape, however here we want to propose another Grenache-based wine instead, of comparable quality and depth, his

  • Mouriesse Vinum, 'La Mirceniere', IGP Gard, Rhone 2015 S$54

This is it for now … Our portfolio will evolve with time, and we will keep you updated about our product range, new arrivals, and special promotions.

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