Wine is a source of sensual enjoyment but can also be one of intellectual pleasure: to understand where wines come from, how they have been made, and why they taste the way they do.

Or maybe we just want to be smart at choosing the wines we really enjoy.

In any event, knowledge is not an end in itself, but will help us increase the joy we derive from wine.

At Wine & Philosophy, we offer

  • Tutored tastings: we try different wines, understand their key characteristics, and compare them to learn about each wine’s uniqueness and originality
  • Wine dinners: an occasion to taste great food and wines, but also to reflect on how the two interact, and how we can bring out the best of them by pairing them in a thoughtful way
  • Wine education: formal classes explaining principles of viticulture and winemaking, introducing major wine regions of the world, and conducting extensive tastings to learn how to appreciate and critically evaluate wines

We regularly organize public events, but we also provide tailored programs for smaller groups or friends or corporate clients. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us



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